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There are 4 public schools managed by Leland School District serving 875 students in Leland, MS. Minority enrollment is 91% of the student body (majority Black). The teacher ratio is around 20:1 according to district data.

Equal Educational Opportunity

Every pupil of the Leland School District will have equal educational opportunities regardless of race, color, creed, sex, handicap, religion, or marital status.

No student shall be excluded on such basis from participating in or having access to any course offerings, athletics, counseling, employment assistance, and extra-curricular activities, etc.

Compliance Policies

The Leland School District is in compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1962, including regulations in vocational education; Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972; Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973; and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

The vocational department encourages males and females to enroll in nontraditional classes and to train for nontraditional jobs.

Copies of the federal regulations for Section 504 of the Vocational Rehabilitation Act of 1973 are available in the principal's office in each school building upon request.

The local coordinator of Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act is Mrs. Tiffany Murrell, Central Office, 403 3rd Street, Leland, MS 38756. He can be reached by phone at 686-5006/5007.

School Wellness Policy

All students in Leland School District shall possess the knowledge and skills necessary to make nutritious food choices and enjoyable physical activity choices for a lifetime. All staff in Leland School District will be encouraged to model healthful eating and physical activity as a valuable part of daily life.

Each school in Leland School District – Edna Scott Elementary School, Leland School Park, Leland High School, and Leland Career & Technical Center (where applicable) – has adopted a school wellness policy that is committed to nutrition, physical activity, comprehensive health education, marketing, and implementation. Specific guidelines will be disseminated each school term.

Edna Scott Elementary School
Blouses White, Light Pink, Burgundy
Shirts White, Light Pink, Burgundy
Skirts Burgundy, Burgundy Plaid, Khaki, Navy Blue
Skorts Burgundy, Burgundy Plaid, Khaki
Jumpers Burgundy, Burgundy Plaid, Khaki
Pants Burgundy, Khaki, Navy Blue
Sweaters White, Light Pink, Burgundy, Khaki Tan
Windbreakers White, Light Pink, Burgundy, Khaki Tan
Cardigans White, Light Pink, Burgundy, Khaki Tan
Leland School Park
Blouses White, Light Blue, Light Yellow, Navy Blue
Shirts White, Light Blue, Light Yellow, Navy Blue
Skirts Navy Blue, Navy Blue Plaid, Khaki
Skorts Navy Blue, Navy Blue Plaid, Khaki
Jumpers Navy Blue, Navy Blue Plaid, Khaki
Pants Navy Blue, Khaki
Sweaters White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Khaki Tan
Windbreakers White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Khaki Tan
Cardigans White, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Khaki Tan
Leland High School
Blouses White, Burgundy
Shirts White, Burgundy, Gray
Skirts Khaki, Navy Blue
Jumpers Khaki
Pants Khaki, Burgundy Navy Blue
Sweaters White, Burgundy, Khaki Tan
Windbreakers White, Burgundy, Khaki Tan
Cardigans White, Burgundy, Khaki Tan

Uniform Policy



Articles of clothing should not contain any symbols or logos not approved by the school district.


Designer clothing may not be worn, even though the colors are approved colors. Clothing that is sold in a nationally recognized uniform catalogue will be accepted as “uniform clothing”, if the clothing does not conflict with other district rules and regulations for dress. If in doubt about what clothing may be considered as designer clothing, consult with the building administrator or superintendent.


Clothing may be worn in any combination of complimentary colors.


Socks and opaque stockings must be in one of the school colors.


Outer garments that are of a different color, or colors, than the school uniform colors may not be worn for the purpose of concealing a uniform. White t-shirts are the only allowable under shirts, if the undershirt is visible.


Students in the Alternative Program will be required to wear uniforms every day of the week.


Pants with belt loops must be worn with a belt. Shirts and sweaters must be worn inside skirts/pants, etc.


Sagging pants will not be allowed. Strings may be used to prevent pants from sagging, if necessary.


Students not in uniform will be required to contact parent or guardian. If   parent or guardian is not available – SRO will escort student home to obtain proper attire. Upon returning, student will be issued a tardy for that day. If student do not return, the absence will be regarded as an unexcused absence.


Uniform days will be Monday - Friday for all schools, unless otherwise changed by the principal with the approval of the superintendent.


The Superintendent has the authority to modify clothing specifications and/or requirements, if there is no conflict with the purpose or intent of the policy.

Homework Standards

The Leland School District believes that meaningful homework assignments are necessary, and, when assigned systematically, provide additional time for learning that contributes toward improving a student's academic achievement. Homework builds on classroom work, encourages the development of self-discipline and develops responsibility, cooperation and parental relationship with the school. All administrators and teachers who are responsible for the education of Leland School District students are expected to promote these requirements in ways that are appropriate to each grade level.


New Grading Scale







92 – 85



84 - 75



74 - 70

Need Improvement


69 Below





Grades 1st – 12th


99 -100

High Advance

B+       91-92

High Proficient



High Basic

73 - 74


High Minimal

A           95-98


B         87-90








A-          93-94


B-        85-86














69 –Below “F”

Tier 3

If the student does not satisfactorily complete the work for removing the “I”, the final course grade will be no more than “69”, or the actual failing grade.


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