Reverend Jessie King 662-686-5000
Superintendent Email Reverend Jessie King
   Dr. Nehru Brown 662-686-5000
Director of Federal Programs Email Dr. Nehru Brown
  Ms. Shanikqua Erskine
  Director of Data Analysis  
  Ms. Clara Adams 662-686-5005
  Director of Food Services Email Ms. Clara Adams
  Mr. Wendell Thomas 662-820-6533
  Maintenance Supervisor Email Mr. Wendell Thomas
  Mrs. Toninette Kennedy 662-686-5000
  District Business Manager Email Ms. Lucille Fortney
  Mrs. Toninette Kennedy 662-686-5000
  HR/Payroll Manager Email Mrs. Toninette Kennedy
  Kimberly Jenkins 662-686-5000
  MSIS/SAM/AP/PURCHASING Email Kimberly Jenkins
  Ms. Loretta Ransom 662-686-5000
  Administrative Assistant - Office of the Superintendent Email Ms. Loretta Ransom
  Ms. Jackie Rice 662-686-5000
  Fixed Assets Email Ms. Jackie Rice
  Mr. John Christopher Richards 6628222578
  Technology Email Mr. John Richards
  Mrs. Tabbatha Magee 662-686-5004
  Mrs. Joyce Moorman 662-686-5008
  Administrative Assistant Email Mrs. Joyce Moorman
  Chief Roderick Barber 662-822-2579
  School Resource Officer Email Roderick Barber
  Gloria Rogers 662-820-6541
  School Safety Officer Email Gloria Rogers
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